• Provided legal assistance in 9 successfully closed real estate transactions with a total value exceeding EUR 15 million;
  • Drafted 11 buy-side legal due diligence reports, for properties priced in total at over EUR 30 million;
  • Sell-side legal due diligence assistance regarding properties priced at over EUR 65 million;
  • Provided legal assistance in respect of lease agreements with an aggregate value exceeding EUR 5 million;
  • Assisted borrowers for real estate bank finance/refinance exceeding EUR 60 million;
  • Prepared and implemented (from A to Z) GDPR procedures for commercial premises exceeding 50,000 sq. m.;
  • Followed by all existing clients and consolidated our client base comprising major players in the Romanian real estate market, including: (i) a European real estate developer with total assets exceeding EUR 2 billion; (ii) an Austrian company part of a major banking group; (iii) a world-famous Greek foundation with worldwide real estate investments; (iv) a major real estate investment fund from Greece; (v) a Lebanese real estate investment group and (v) a retailer with more than 75 stores in Romania;
  • Received zero fake awards for outstanding legal work.

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